Exceptional Softwarethat

We build apps with the perfect UX, automate time-consuming processes and enhance modern businesses with Cloud, AI, blockchain or token-based economics.

What we do:

  • Web

    Delight your users with responsive apps and websites that work in any browser, on any device.

  • Mobile

    Keep users actively engaged with multiplatform native apps that work smoothly on iOS and Android.

  • Automation

    Automate boring and time-consuming tasks, from business process automation to data mining.

  • Consulting

    Get ideas on how the latest technologies and trends can improve your business.

  • Cloud Computing

    Get incomparable software scalability and availability, with on-demand cloud technologies that reduce costs and easily adjust to your business.

  • Blockchain

    Tokenize your assets or transform your business through decentralized platform with tokenomics built-in.

  • AI

    Make your business smart, by integrating custom-made Machine Learning models into your systems.

  • NLP

    Use Natural Language Processing, to analyze any text data at scale or create smart chatbots that offload workloads.

Our tech stack:

  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Go
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • redis
  • python
  • docker
  • Google Cloud Platform

What makes us stand out:

Design thinking

We put user experience first. Our software is designed for people by people.


We love building beautiful products that help people and make their lives easier.

Unmatched skillset

The intersection of design skills with technology knowledge brings astonishing results.

Our workflow

A well-defined process is a key to successful and fast product delivery.

  • Understanding your needs

    We start by discussing your needs. Then we select the best solutions and technology based on your goals and current industry standards.

  • Wireframing and strategy

    Before building, we prepare a strategy with a functional prototype of the requested software. Together with you, we walk over every important business process to make it perfectly suited to your needs.

  • Software development

    We turn the design into fully-functional software. While building we focus on velocity, maintainability, and scalability. Our code is optimized for deployment speed and flexibility.

  • Testing

    Quality is essential in our process. We don't leave any room for error. The whole software is double-tested using automated tests as well as manual functional and accessibility testing.

  • Deployment

    We host the software with scalability and cost-effectiveness in mind, using the latest cloud infrastructure from Google or Amazon. We can also deploy our solutions on your premises.

  • Training

    You and your employees may require training to learn how to work with the new software. We're eager to help you in this process if you need support.

  • Maintenance

    Our work doesn't end after the software is delivered. We closely monitor its performance, optimize it, fix any issues and add features based on user feedback or your ideas. The process is agile.

What we've built so far

raport webrockets portfolio


A powerful web application that simplifies data analysis by integrating data from multiple sources, automating reporting and alerting.

Web Development


Cloud Computing

Third party integrations

Payment processing

BlogAudio webrockets portfolio


A modern platform that empowers authors by automatically adding high-quality AI-generated voice over to articles and blog posts.

Web Development



Cloud Computing

Payment processing

Oddzwaniaj webrockets portfolio


A call-automation system that improves website's conversion by calling visitors back in 26 seconds.

Web Development

Cloud Computing

Third party integrations

Payment processing

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